08 February 2008

Popular Baby Names World Map (Beta)

Popular Baby Names World Map (Beta)

Popular Names World Map


Guy Davis has updated a very clear and fast map of popular names around the world.

"I wanted to send out a big Thank You to the Google Maps developers for creating a great tool and making it easy to build applications upon. Ever since the API was announced I've been looking for an opportunity to build something useful with Google Maps. When I found out that my wife and I were expecting our first child, my searches for popular baby names yielded a bunch of sites with boring old static HTML tables of data.
So instead, I've aggregated popular baby name statistics and show them on a Google Map which makes exploring this dataset a lot more interesting. If you're interested, check out the Baby Name Map at:

Hopefully others will find the map useful as well. Keep up the great work on the API. I look forward to incorporating more new features into the map. "
From the Google Maps API forum and receiving lots of positive responses

New features are:
Floating windows
  • Tab panes
  • Dynamic trees
  • Interactive data tables
  • Flags of the world (tree directory)

"The new tree of countries makes it easy to navigate around the map and let me make use of some more interesting features of Google Maps. Now I need to update the map with some of the recent 2007 statistics."

Mapperz suggestion - Google Maps API with Google Chart API might work very well with this type of information, comparing names and statistics with location.

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