24 September 2007

Route Scanner - Incidents and Delay Map

Route Scanner - Incidents and Delay Map

This is a fantastic UK Route Planner that works out delays, incidents and tells you the speed/traffic light camera locations along your own route.

Route Scanner created Paul Clark
Paul Clark has developed a clean and informative results page - Colour coded to severity (shades of red).
Uses the Google Maps API Driving Directions and Live Feeds from BBC Travel and the Highways Agency

Quick Guide
  1. Enter your start and destination.
  2. Choose a Buffer distance (1,2 and 5 miles)
  3. Choose Speed Cameras (Don't Show,Show Speed Cameras, Show All)
  4. Press 'Serach'

"Route Scanner uses live traffic information (e.g. accidents, roadworks and delays) combined with a route planner to calculate which incidents could affect that particular journey. It combines the power of Google Maps with the real-time information provided by BBC Travel and the Highways Agency. Route Scanner doesn't just look for traffic and travel updates on motorways and other major roads but through the road network."

Paul Clark also has developed other websites...
Well Done for creating an Excellent UK Mashup

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At Monday, September 24, 2007 11:34:00 am, Blogger RobS said...

The site is great. It would be good if they could add info on average traffic speeds, like transportdirect.info do.


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