23 July 2007

UK Flooding Links

Update 2
London could be next to see severe flooding

Floods Could Hit London Next
Floods Could Hit London Next

"More than an inch of rain is set to drench the city and this rain, combined with the water that has already poured into the Thames, could burst the river's banks in southwest London.

A flood warning is already in force in Staines and Shepperton, and hundreds of homes could be flooded in the next 24 hours."

Source: Sky News

Update the BBC has created a Map of the Flooding

BBC Flood Map
Source: BBC News

Rivers affectively in severe flood:
  • The Severn: Severe Warnings for Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Worcester
  • The Thames: Severe warnings affecting Eynsham to Sandford Lock and also Little Wittenham
  • The Ock: Severe warnings from Charney Bassett to Abingdon
  • The Great Ouse: Severe warnings from Turvey to Sharnbrook
  • The Avon: Severe warnings at Evesham

UK Flooding helpful links looking for flooding infomation

Tirley flooding near Tewkesbury
Tirley near Tewkesbury (Sky News)

Okay to help users find pictures for the UK Flooding, Mapperz compiles the most useful links...
(this site has been hit hard for 'UK Flood' Maps)

Environment Agency (but not live data)

Best News Coverage so far is Sky News
(updated pics ever hour)

Peoples Flood pics (BBC Content)

Travel conditions

Travel conditions

Worcestershire (includes Herefordshire)
Travel conditions

Travel conditions

If your wanting maps of the floods, your out of luck, currently there are no public out of copyright maps available online that shows live information.

More Flood News

Hope you stay dry - Mapperz

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