16 July 2007

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 3

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 3 - Announcement

updated post here 01/08/2007

Mapperz selection.

NIM005448 - X/Y values do not change when you select different Anchor Point icons for a box drawn in ArcMap 9.2. Fixed!
(submitted to ESRI UK back in February 2007 after the first service pack - this tool is very useful when working with Maplex 3.5 standalone which is now unsupported)

NIM001528 - Persist the units that the user chooses for distance and area between ArcMap, ArcReader, and Engine sessions so that the user can set the units once with the Measure tool and not have to set them again.

NIM005560 - Selecting one feature selects everything on a layer connected by an OLE DB connection.

NIM006169 - Export Data from an events layer created from an MS Excel table with a space at the end of one of the field names will cause ArcMap to crash.

NIM007052 - The order of Legend Items does not always match the order of Map Layers.

NIM008619 - ArcMap may crash when editing compressed data.

NIM008671 - Intersect with three or more layers, if one of the layers is points, causes the output to be empty.

NIM008729 - A compressed file geodatabase table or feature class containing text fields with long lengths, such as 2147483647, cannot be read. If you right-click the dataset in the ArcCatalog tree view or attempt to preview the data, ArcCatalog crashes. This occurs in 9.2 SP2 only.

NIM008777 - If you create a selection and delete selected features from the attribute table in the selected view, ArcMap 9.2 SP2 will crash.

NIM006393 - The horizontal ruler in layout view does not automatically update with changes to ruler intervals.

You would think these service packs would get smaller the but seem to get bigger.

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At Wednesday, July 18, 2007 1:19:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The service packs get bigger because they also incorporate previous service packs - SP1 and SP2


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