16 June 2007

New Faster Maploader - Nokia

New Faster Maploader - Nokia

New Maploader v1.1

Faster MapLoader 1.1 downloading map data has improved vastly :)

New Maploader Voices

Now comes with voice commands in 24 Languages.
English (UK) has 0.2mb more the English(USA).

Nokia Maploader v1.1 New Data UK

Checked UK differences in Data from the last upload.

England has more data was 90.3mb now 95.8mb (6% increase in detailed coverage)
Northern Ireland has more data was 6.6mb now 6.7mb (1.5%)
Wales has much more data was 12.7mb now 16.7mb (24% increase)
Scotland 18.4mb now 19.4 (6% increase)

New Maploader Speed is much better
England at 95.8mb was downloaded in less that 8 minutes, the software then transfers to the memory card and verifies the map data has been completed successfully.
Voice for English [UK] took 45 seconds to download and a minute to transfer and verify.

Smart2Go update coming very soon.
More on this over at

Tips- 1. BACKUP YOUR PHONE - VERY IMPORTANT! - Use Nokia PC Suite Backup to your PC and the backup function on your phone - backup phone to memory card.

2. FLASH YOUR FIRMWARE, v11.0.026..... is the latest *#0000# will show your version on screen on your phone.

Go get Maploader v1.1
and enjoy free digital maps on your phone.


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