01 May 2007

ArcGIS Explorer (380 Build)

ArcGIS Explorer (380 Build) available for download from ESRI
(if you dare too)

ArcGIS Explorer Build 380
More Google Earth like, but slower.

"You can also change the appearance of ArcGIS Explorer by using skins. At present, each of the three skins that ship with ArcGIS Explorer has a distinct color scheme but does not differ in functionality. The skin color is determined by the color scheme active for your version of the operating system"
Rather have more functionality

Download ~(need an ESRI User Account to access the download)

ArcGIS Explorer Build 380 Crash

Yes it is a serious problem when you try opening a kmz file and it crashes.

ESRI please fix this.
And add support for Personal Geodatabases (your own files). (please)
They have shapefiles...

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At Tuesday, June 05, 2007 1:58:00 pm, Blogger Chuckster said...

ArcGIS Explorer (380) hangs and crashes repeatedly on my CAD workstation spec pc. Google Earth simply flies along by comparison. We are currently developing with ArcGIS Server and I would like to encourage end users in my company to adopt Explorer, however in it's current state, it frustratingly does not yet have the speed and robustness necessary for people to take me seriously!


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