05 April 2007

PdMarker 2.01 (for Google Maps)

Updated PDMarker 2.01 (for Google Maps)

PdMarker 2.01

Peter Jones has been busy, updating the very useful PdMarker.
Available here for detailed instructions and tips.

Don't forget that the is a very good Virtual Google Earth to help create a Google Map with Markers - this would be good for the 'My Maps' service

for the new feature and functions
This page allows you to try and see how most of the features of
PdMarker work without writing any code. You can also test these
features using a specified version of the Google Maps API. Some
PdMarker features (setImage, display) now rely on a Google Maps API version of at least 2.77. "

mapperz likes the bit 'without writing any code'

Note: Data Export Options
Exporting to JS, XML,KML and HTML is available

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