17 April 2007

More N95 Free Applications - including more GPS & Maps

More N95 Free Applications - including more GPS & Maps Apps

(a few tips and tricks at the bottom)

Mapperz N95 installed apps
Yes all the above Apps here are on Mapperz N95 and are Free to Download and use.

In Summary from top left
  1. Google Maps
  2. MGmaps
  3. Google Mail
  4. Sports Tracker (Nokia)
  5. F-Secure
  6. J2MeMaps
  7. TruWiz (Voice over IP)
  8. NSysInfo
  9. S-Tris-2 (Tetris)
  10. scanR (OCR)
  11. Screenshot
  12. Live Messenger
Smart2Go - Maploader (Nokia)
Okay, here is a few free applications some mapping and some not. For the N95's out there.
Standard Mapping Application with the N95 - Map Data is Vector and downloaded to Memory Card (MicroSD 2GB card - from Moby Memory) via the Smart2Go Maploader Software.

Nokia Maps - London in 3D Mode
London in 3D with all Points of Interest (POI's) on. Joystick rotates on the blue square.

Google Maps on N95 - easy to Install and use.
Google Maps on N95

Mobile Gmaps - as above but includes, Microsoft, Yahoo and Ask Maps as optional maps
MGmaps on N95

Sports Tracker in GPS mode, shows distance, time, speed and location, exports to google earth kml

Nokia Sports Tracker with live GPS

Would work better with the preloaded maps, though GPS fix is fast and plenty of real-time data been fed back to the user. Tip get a GPS fix before you start your workout. Standing still also helps GPS locate you faster

Nokia Sports Tracker with live GPS

So you can't have Internet Calling (Voice Over IP) on Orange (UK)?
Well Mapperz can
Orange N95 with Internet Calling Working
The little phone and world icon is Internet Calling Active any Outgoing Calls are using the T'internet connection and if move out of Wifi Range it flips over to Orange (UK) GPRS EGPRS
works like a normal call. Also picks up other Wifi unsecure networks and uses them. So in theory free calls forever?
Fring are to be next with an N95 Voice OverIP
Truphone does work with a free £2/$2 start up.

To Unlock your phone http://www.blueghost.co.uk/unlock_guide/unlock.html
for a guide. Use at your own risk.

Top Tips for N95 Users -
Reset your N95 to Factory Settings before use - for faster GPS Fixes.
Switch off Applications, Bluetooth, Infrared, Wifi re-scan etc to improve battery life in GPS mode.
Format your new MicroSD Card on the phone first before connecting to a PC via USB.
Load the Map Application before you load any map data to the device, this puts important files and folders on your memory card, and makes loading the map data faster when in use.

And one careful tip, this device is very loud when used in media/video/game mode - even 50% is very loud, careful when use switch to earphones - you will hurt your ears.

Get a car charger if being navigated over 2 hours by this device.

Spare batteries for the N95 are in high demand... grab one if you can!

Keep and eye on http://www.nokia.com/betalabs


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At Friday, April 27, 2007 10:14:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am the author of J2memaps, so thanks for the mention. As you are interested by deploying maps on mobile, I would be very interested to talk with you of future improvment of j2memaps in this area...You can contact me at thomas.landspurg gmail.com

At Thursday, May 03, 2007 6:57:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mapperz, great blog thank you for helping me find things for the n95, amaZe now supports the internal GPSr, free Sat Nav! www.amazegps.com


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