11 April 2007

BlueGhost Integrates GeoRSS Maps

The BlueGhost Project nows uses Google Maps Enhancements to provide up to the minute Travel Incidents across the UK.
BlueGhost GeoRSS and Google Maps

Live Feed Link

Clicking on the blueghost.co.uk inside the icon info window will link to a new map of just that selected area.

BlueGhost GeoRSS Southampton and Google Maps

Markers Represent there is a Incident and the Lines Represent the Road is Closed.

This works very well with live data and shows the full potential of GeoRSS feeds - providing users with up-to-date information.

Well Done to Michael Pritchard (Blueghost creator) for creating this and other very useful data feeds that are displayed in map form.

Other Blueghost maps
(Traffic, Rail and Weather on Google Map - with nice icons)

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