29 March 2007

Useamap - Tinyurl for Maps

Useamap a tinyurl for Maps- Mapperz recommended

Mapperz Useamap

"A free site which your readers might indeed find useful. It allows you to save a location for an event with a short URL. For example, if you are having a meeting with your clients, you can save your office location with a link like 'useamap.com/office_meeting' on a map . It is very easy to embed the map onto your blog or website and anyone going to your location can get detailed driving directions to your place."

This site does what it says, very handy and good sized maps, directions are supplied using MapQuest Open API and works well

Useamap Directions

Note: This site uses it's own geocoding service and is fast.

Nice work and thanks to Vincent Glennon (useamap.com)

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