05 March 2007

Save Your Post Office Map!

Post offices in crisis: the map

Save Your Post Office Map
Britain's first and only interactive campaign map designed to highlight the state of our post offices.

Using the map:
"To open a report and post your comments, pictures and videos, click on a postbox symbol or the right hand links. For a closer look at a particular location, use the 'Zoom in' link. Otherwise, scroll around using the arrows or your mouse. Note: some maps for more remote rural locations may be low quality or missing - use the [+} and [-] buttons to make necessary adjustments."

more details on this hot topic: Silent assassin stalking your local post office

Add your Post Office Contact:

Map information:

MapKit was use to create the embedded Google Map provided by platial.com

Think of all those people who do not drive and cannot get to a Main Post Office, for some it is the hub of the community.
Some are having to travel up to 14 miles to get to a post office - it's a UK service.
Find your nearest Post Office here


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