01 March 2007

'Faulty' Fuel Map

'Faulty' Fuel Map locations spreading across the UK.

Faulty Fuel UK Map
Image Source: BBC News

Fuel Outlets have been suppling the UK with Fuel that has been "contaminated"
More on this here:

But if you have a Vecta-DeLoran your be okay

"I have a nano-silver nutron converter fitted to my Vecta-DeLoran. I just empty waste material into its processor to generate the power I require. I have used empty Tesco carrier bags and wrappers in the past but I found McDonalds waste produces a nice smell."

said StevieB, from Staines

update: traces of silicon have been found in petrol taken from the cars

final update: A Result

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At Wednesday, March 07, 2007 11:23:00 am, Blogger Johnnie said...

Interesting analysis of the "dirty fuel" here by Le Canard Noir:


He argues that "a huge percentage of those who think they have had contaminated fuel problems may well have fooled themselves". Worth a read.


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