12 February 2007

Yahoo! Go Local 2.0 Gamma

Yahoo! Go Local has a new update from Yahoo Mobile

Yahoo Go Local Search

"Yahoo Go! is the first application optimized for the “small screen” of a mobile phone that truly makes it easy and fun to access the Internet. Everything about the Yahoo! Go interface is designed to be both visually stunning and give you what you want with the fewest clicks possible."

Yahoo Go Directions

Like a car navigation system, Yahoo! Go knows where you are and can help you easily locate what you’re looking for in your area. It gives you instant access to the best local index and detailed listing information available.

N95 - UK Supported Phones for Yahoo! Go

UK users of this service will be pleased to know that it will work in the United Kingdom.

Combined with the Integrated GPS (the Nokia N95 has this built in) you will not be so lost. If you are lost you can use it will tell you are location and get your from your 'lost' location to a desired location (like home).

Installing options
  1. Check your phone is compatible (lots are NOT supported yet)
  2. Either enter your phone number and receive a text to link to the download
  3. Or go directly to http://get.go.yahoo.com on your phone.
Help Guide

Demo Tour

Download in 5 Easy Steps

Source: Yahoo! (UK)


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