21 February 2007

OnOneMap - Adds New Map Layers

One of the Best Customized Google Maps is OnOneMap Property Search

"We have added the ability to view the phone masts in your search area. Simply tick the phone masts tick box in the "Map options""

This is along with Schools, Supermarkets and Sold Property. There is a lot going on behind the scenes with this map, though data retrieval speed is not compromised.

OnOneMap Adds More Mapping Layers
Clicking on the mobile icons reveals the service operator for that mobile phone mast.

This is also available to enquire information about:
  • Properties in the Area for Sale
  • Schools and their success rate (in a percentage)
  • Nearby Supermarkets
All useful for decision making when purchasing a house.

Top Tip: Use the 'Nearby Anything' option - this can help find houses near a London Tube Station, Railway Station or Motorway Junction.

Excellent work OnOneMap and good to see this site evolve successfully.


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