23 February 2007

Nokia Maps - Smart2Go Goes Testing

Nokia Maps - Smart2Go Goes Testing

Martin Sauter is commencing testing Nokia's Smart2Go Service

Nokia MapLoader Splash Screen

Part 1. Navigation to close-by (100km) destinations. (available now)
Part 2. Nokia maps as a guide for finding a location in a city while walking (coming soon)
Part 3 Route planning and navigation for destinations 500+ kilometers away more demanding than the task in part 1 (coming soon)

"Most features of Nokia maps can be used for free. The most important ones are certainly the free"

In Summary his site runs through

License and Payment Model:

  • Western Europe maps Sat Nav (Routing) for a 30 day period are €10.
  • A three year license is €99.
Getting The Maps:
  • Download over Wifi direct to the Phone
  • Download over the GSM/3G Nework (can be expensive when maps can be 100mb)
  • using a PC with the Nokia MapLoader Software (Mac's not supported yet) - Mapperz Recommend - As this is the fastest way to obtain the digital maps bases
Nokia MapLoader Map Downloader
Selecting the Destination And CaCalculating A Route:

  • using the current GPS location to a known destination
  • address search bug (now fixed)
  • address search takes about 15 seconds
  • routing calculation took about one minute
Running Other Applications While Navigating
  • occasional navigation speech commands and podcast audio were mixed and played over the speaker simultaneously
  • When accepting a call, the mapping application was terminated
  • could still be improved
Available in more detail here

All credit to Martin Sauter for a good round-up of this service.

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