16 February 2007

Interactive Vancouver City Map

Interactive Vancouver City Map

Vancouver Map Interactive Overview
A very impressive interactive map for the city of Vancouver.
Nice layout and easy to use, user controls
Pan, Zoom in, Zoom out, Zoom Bar, Interactive layer controls, and useful Overview Map links with main map and legend when hovering over the sub layer.

Vancouver Map Interactive Layers
Switching layers on add content to the map, from accommodation to transportation (sky train).

Two useful functions:

zoom bar

The Zoom Bar allows for incremental zooming on the area visible on the screen. Users can either slide the zoom slider control to the desired zoom level, click on the + or - buttons on either side of the bar, or they can click on any space on the bar to adjust the zoom level accordingly.

mark tool

The Mark tool can be dragged from the top bar to any space on the map. You can customize the text accompanying the marker by clicking on the text. The symbol of the icon can also be adjusted to your desired size by clicking on the <> buttons near the icon. The map can then be printed with the customization in view. Customized marks will appear on the Menu, but will not be saved a browser window has closed or you have moved to a different map. You can delete the icon by clicking the X in the upper left corner.

More Help

Makes Mapperz want to visit.

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