20 January 2007

Detailed Shaded Relief of the World

Detailed Shaded Relief of the World

Detailed Shaded Relief of the World
One of the biggest custom tiles for google maps your likely to see.

This gives high quailty coverage and is still in 'work in progress' so more to come.

"We have uploaded up to zoom level 8 completely and have the Northern hemisphere of level 9 completed - Southern Hemisphere in progress - just 60,000 tiles to go"

Well done to Jon Parker for his time and efforts on this demanding project

Global Mapper
was used to create the shaded relief colours.

VMAP0 vector data to include rivers and lakes and mask the coastline

Rasterised with Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to produce more detailed at larger scale (zoom in)

Global Mapper Batch tiles

Level 0 - 1 tile

Level 1 - 4 tiles

Level 2 - 16 tiles

Level 3 - 64 tiles

Level 4 - 256 tiles

Level 5 - 1024 tiles

Level 6 - 4096 tiles..

Time 3 hours (approx) for Level 0 -6.
Source Data:

Level 7 - 8110 tiles - 3-4 hours

Level 8 - 32440 tiles 12 - 18 hours

Processing now

Level 9 - 129760 tiles - over a week so far

to do

Level 10 - 519040 tiles (approx a month!)

(Level 10 is the limit for the srtm 90 dems)

File sizes currently at 109 Gb and growing....

Other information...

The search is powered by directly by Geonames

The flag icons supplied for free.

It was all put together using Globalmapper

The post process was done using EyeBatch

Powered by the Google Maps API

posted by Mapperz

update: more info in map room
note not to be confused with http://www.shadedrelief.com/

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At Monday, April 30, 2007 12:30:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

another site showing custom relief maps:


At Thursday, May 03, 2007 5:07:00 pm, Blogger thorsten said...

the link above is not working.
guess it should be


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