20 October 2006

ArcSound - Speak GIS

Fed up with Mouse clicking now talk to your ArcGIS Package... now you can use ArcSound (formerly GeoSound)

ArcSound is a prototype developed by the ESRI Aplication Prototype Lab to integrate sound and speech-recognition with ArcGIS.

ArcSound is comprised of following two features:
1) Store sound against Geodatabase Features
A tool is provided to record and play sound stored in a geodatabase. Sound is stored as BLOBs in a featureclass.
2) Speech Enabled Commands
ArcSound allows you to create speech enabled commands and tools. That is, execute commands or activate tools with your spoken voice. For example say "Add Data" to display the add data dialog or say "Page Right" to pan to the right.
1) Microsoft Windows XP SP1
2) Microsoft Windows XP SP2
3) Microsoft Windows 2003

1) Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
2) ESRI ArcGIS 9.1 or 9.2
3) ESRI .NET Assemblies

Well done to ESRI Prototype Labs including Richie Carmichael


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