18 September 2006

Photo GPS

Always know when and where your pictures were taken with the Sony GPS-CS1. Now you can keep track of your digital photos with satellite precision.
Sony GPS
"Keep track of your photo locations and dates easily with satellite precision. The GPS-CS1 calculates and records position data. When used with the supplied GPS Image Tracker software, the GPS-CS1 allows you to match the time and location data in the device with your photos. And by using the Picture Motion Browser software, supplied with certain Sony cameras*, your photos will be shown on an online map, giving you a whole new way to organize, manage and enjoy your pictures"

Simple operation
No need for complex set-up or connection. Turn on the GPS unit and check its positioning status, match the data and enjoy the new photographic enjoyment.

Handy,Compact and lightweight, weighing only 55g (not including batteries).
Store data up to one month
Holds approximately 360 hours (31MB) of data, equivalent to one month of tracking recorded at 15 second intervals. Number of log entries may differ depending on satellite coverage and signal strength.
Low power consumption
Efficient design allows up to 10 hours of use with alkaline batteries, or 14 hours with Ni-MH batteries.
Records location every 15 seconds
The GPS Unit records a location log every 15 seconds. When a photo is taken between two log points, the supplied GPS Image Tracker software estimates the locations by extrapolating from logs recorded before and after (before or later) photos are taken. the software creates an estimated location between the two recorded locations. Also If the user takes a photo when there is no satellite signal available, such as when going underground or indoors, the software makes its estimation in the same way. based on the two nearest location logs.

Supplied Accessories
GPS Unit
USB cable
CD-ROM (GPS Image Tracker)
Cleaning Cartridge


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