11 December 2006

ClustrMaps - Map Your Site Visitors

Map your visitors to your website

ClustrMaps Beta

No hidden extras: For light users (under 2500 visitors daily) the service is free, forever.

The geolocation hit counter that is simple and powerful:
  • ClustrMaps: free, for light users (up to 2,500 visitors daily), limited archive of old maps
  • ClustrMaps+ : small monthly fee, unlimited archive of old maps, zoom to continents
  • ClustrMaps Pro: larger daily visit limit, embed zoomed maps in your own site's look and feel (you keep logs, we provide maps).

ClustrMaps is the only hit counter that accurately shows you the locations of all visitors to your site on a thumbnail map embedded in your page.

The basic service, 'ClustrMaps', is free, and does exactly what it says below: it is not just a 'trial', and there is no 'time limit'.

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