12 July 2006

Google - hidden changes (Geo Metadata)

Londons oldest pub, Lamb and Flag (1623)
You can now search on the Map for Places of Interest (POI). Google
Maps Mania

touched on it, but doing some searches mapperz found that them maps google serves up are just images georeferenced at scale to create a seamless dataset. But now Business Directories (Yell) and Points of Interest seem to be mapped too.
Easier in the example - search term on the map was 'oldest pub in london' and the results where generated as icons with the correct answer 'Lamb and Flag' in Covent Garden (opened in 1623)

but there seems to be more going on underneath. The term is metadata (information about data). It's good to see this, as 90% of all data has a location.

Google Map UK
Lamb and Flag (pubs.com)
Metadata (Wiki)


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