06 July 2012

Map Channels v4.08 Update

Map Channels v4.08 Update

Lots of new features including Map Channels API Reference, Weather Layer and Transit Layers

Map Channels is a tool which lets you map a data feed on your website.
Map Channels is not a map editor, you should use a service such as Google My Maps to create your map data first.
The code has mostly been written from scratch using the latest HTML5-based Google Maps API which requires no external plugins such as Flash.
The result is better performance and support for a wider range of devices such as mobiles and tablets. The latest user interface features are also available.
An improved interface puts all map, feed and dictionary settings within a single edit page with settings organized into sections.
Map templates let you quickly create a map using settings from an existing map.
Styling can be applied using a single CSS file for a greater level of customization.


This update contains a lot of new features and improvements.
Change: The API Reference is now available to all users.
Change: The option to locally host your map is now available to all users.
Change: Ad units have been simplified. Only one ad unit is displayed per map. The ad can be placed either in the map corner or in the sidebar. Subscribers can disable ads on their maps or place ads with their own AdSense ID on locally hosted maps.
New: Added a new category filter option which displays category headers within the sidebar. Clicking on the headers can expand or collapse the place list beneath the header.
Change: Changed the footer category filter to use checkboxes instead of radio buttons. This allows multiple categories to be viewable at one time.
New: Categories for polygons and polylines are created automatically. The names of these categories can be defined.
New: The user can define a list of categories which are initially visible. This can be set within the Map Channel settings or by supplying a URL parameter.
Change: The Google Places search control in the header panel is no longer enabled by default.
New: A 'Find Nearby Events' link can be displayed in the header panel, powered by Team Maps.
New: A 'Find Nearby Hotels' link can be displayed in the header panel, powered by Map Channels Hotels.
New: A Custom Geo Search link can be displayed in the header panel. This links to another web page with definable url, title and latitude, longitude and zoom parameters.
New: Added Weather and Transit layer options.
New: Added Weather Layer settings for temperature and wind speed units.
New: Added a Layers Placement setting (either Sidebar or Footer Panel).
New: Added a Localities placement setting (either Sidebar or Footer Panel)
New: A 'Print Map' button can be displayed on the map
New: Info windows can contain a link to a Dual Maps control.
Change: Tooltips are no longer displayed upon sidebar mouseover events.
New: Multiple places can be deleted with one command in the places management page (for edit enabled maps).
Change: The place limit for edit enabled maps has been increased from 1,000 to 2,000.
Change: The 'Coding by Map Channels' notice link has been removed from the map.
Change: The header and footer panel heights are set automatically if required by other map settings.
Bugfix: Fixed a bug preventing HTML code being entered for user contributed places.
Bugfix: The default marker is used for places which do not have a marker image defined in their KML data.
Bugfix: Advanced tooltips no longer appear if only basic tooltips are selected.
Bugfix: Fixed a tooltip vertical alignment bug.
Bugfix: The grey 'filter' text is now displayed in the name filter box when the map first loads.
Known Bug: There remains a bug when interacting with the MC4Edit.aspx page using the Chrome browser. After clicking 'Update' the preview map is not displayed, and requires the page to be reloaded to display correctly. If MC4Edit.aspx is accessed using Chrome a warning is now displayed at the top of the page. http://www.mapchannels.com/


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