09 July 2012

FloodAlerts - Shoothill Live Flood Mapping

FloodAlerts - Shoothill Live Flood Mapping
A very nice Live Mapping Web 'FloodAlerts' Application (A Map of the year 2012 contender?)

update: 5th October 2012
This finally went live on Environment Agency website on 3rd October 2012

New link to the Flood Alert Map

FloodAlerts is a free to use application provided by the Environment Agency and developed by Shoothill to provide users in England and Wales with flood warnings.

"FloodAlerts is the first graphical representation of the flood warning data which provides localised updates every 15 minutes, keeping users informed about the potential flood risks in their area.
To monitor a location you will need to register with the Flood alerts app on Facebook. When we issue a flood alert that affects your monitored location; you will receive a notification on Facebook and your registered Facebook email address. This alert will send you a direct link to the relevant flood warning(s) on the map, giving you a chance to assess the situation as it develops."

Users finally get to  Flood Mapping with Ordnance Survey Raster (50k and 25k Mapping) - A long awaited Request (6 years request to the Environment Agency to open up there data source to mapping vendors)

View the FloodAlerts Map

FloodAlerts runs on the Windows Azure Platform, and uses Bing maps.


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