04 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Interactive Map of Beacons in the UK

Interactive Map of Beacons in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

Please note - over 90% of Beacon Events are on this map currently. If your Beacon can't be found straight away, please check back on this page at a later time as updates are being made constantly.

For General Public and Media:  If you know your postcode please type it in the top right of the map and press ENTER or click on the magnifying glass to see what beacons are close to your location.  If you do not know your postcode then please enter a placename, such as “Blackpool” or “Oxford”.  If your placename returns somewhere outside of United Kingdom then add the Country at the end such as “Washington, England”.

To move the map left click on the map and drag.  To zoom in or out use the plus or minus symbols on the map or if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse use that to zoom in or out.

Diamond Jubilee Beacons Map


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