04 January 2012

Low Emission Zone Map - London, UK

Low Emission Zone Map - London, UK

On 3rd January 2012 new legislation came into affect:

" from 3 January 2012 it will also affect the owners of larger vans, campers and minibuses first registered before January 2002. Larger motorhomes, first registered before 2006, will also have to comply. The rules affect diesel, not petrol engines.
If you've got such a vehicle, you will need to have an expensive particulate filter added to the exhaust system – or pay a £100 or £200 charge for every day you drive in the capital. If you don't, you'll incur a £500 fine."

Transport for London have a Google Based Map with Low Emission Zones included.

Tfl including Low Emission Zone Map
More info:

Official Guidelines

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