02 November 2011

Openptmap - Public Transport Map

Openptmap shows public transport lines. Depending on the zoom level, bus and tram lines are displayed in addition to the railway lines....

OpenPT Maps - London, UK with All available Public Transport Data overlaid.

Existing Features:
  • Interactive Timetable function (timetables cover Europe)
  • Zoom levels 4 - 17 (Large Scale Zooms)
  • Line numbers
However, there are some useful new features also:
  • Public transport network grid without background available
  • Optional backgrounds: Mapnik and CycleMap
  • Different background luminance (pale modes)
  • Railway timetable on demand with mouse click (small squares)
  • Aerial lifts are displayed
Openptmap editors can be useful in these situations:
  • You added a new pt line to OSM and want to review it
  • You want to get an overview of the Public Transport network without interfering background
  • To find out the departure times of buses/trains at nearby stations 
More information

Map (to London, UK)


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