25 August 2011

Storm Surge Simulator - Google Maps (for Miami Dade County)

Storm Surge Simulator - Google Maps (for Miami Dade County)

an update 26/08/2011 - Google Crisis Response set up a web mapping tool.

Hurricane Irene 2011 Google Crisis

Google Crisis Response has put together a Google Map for the 2011 Hurricane Season. The map currently shows the projected route of Hurricane Irene with the option of viewing a number of other layers on the map.

As well as viewing the forecast track of Hurricane Irene the map includes:
  • a cloud imagery layer from the Navy Research Lab
  • a layer showing coastal areas placed under tropical cyclone watches or warnings
  • evacuation routes from FEMA
  • a surge storm probability layer
  • real-time Stream Gage Data from USGS
Via Google Maps Mania

Original Post:
Storm Surge Simulator - Google Maps (for Miami Dade County)
Storm Surge Predictor Miami Dade County
Click on the Map and have the depth chart show the height of the predicted storm surge.
The Storm Surge Simulator is a public service provided by Florida International University

Please note:
The color-coded zones on the map illustrate a worst case snapshot for a hurricane category under "perfect" storm conditions.

Storm Surge Map (Simulator) Example

More information on this Storm Surge Simulator


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