14 June 2011

Offline Routing comes to Google Maps Navigation

Offline Routing comes to Google Maps
Offline reliability New!

Get continuous guidance and automatic rerouting, even if you lose your network connection after you’ve begun a route.


Nokia (aka was Ovi Maps) did have this advantage now seems to be a key part of Google Maps Navigation.

This is important when traveling quickly through areas without mobile/cell coverage. The Route can be changed and no need to connect to internet to adjust your

With Google Maps Navigation the entire data is stored on the device (in vector) form.

2.5D Mode Offline Google Maps Tablet
What is next for Google Maps - Offline Routing - 2.5D Buildings (example from Google Tablet above).
Offline Streetview (unlikely do to the amount of storage required).
Live Ads (very likely)
Real-Time [Connected to Mobile/Cell Network] - Weather - Google did for a short while introduce Weather.
Custom Overlay - most likely of them all - providing the format and files sizes are quick enough to download.

Link to Google Maps Navigation
(see halfway down about Offline Routing)


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