02 May 2011

ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2 Released

ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2

Issues addressed:
364 MB

13 MB


Top picks of issues
NIM063852 - The service pack information does not appear in the help about box

NIM064990 - The first 2 links in the Help; About on Windows 7 only, do not work. The 3rd one does.

NIM058951 - ArcMap and ArcCatalog crash when trying to open a particular DGN V8 file.

NIM061452 - Spatial reference along with the units is not read correctly for TIFF images

NIM059249 - ArcMap crashes in an edit session when clicking the layer name in the Attributes window

NIM064252 - Add Rule To Topology tool and Remove Rule From Topology tool needs entries for new rules added at ArcGIS 10

NIM064497 - For maps that contain view extents not present in the spatial ref's extent, ArcMap hangs or crashes when exporting to PDF with the Export Map Georeference Information checkbox turned on.

NIM064458 - Cartographic line symbology with a negative offset causes ArcMap and ArcCatalog to crash when at a large scale.

Full list

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