24 December 2010

Pegmans Gets A Hat

Pegmans Gets A Hat

Pegman finds a Hat
Pegman gets a Christmas hat for the weekend? http://goo.gl/maps/jAgL

Predictions - 2011 will bring,

A new perspective to old fashioned raster maps... with the help of HTML5.

OpenStreetMap will go mainstream... more so than at present.

AddressPoint (UK Postal Address locations) become more accessible without huge costs.

Fusion Tables SPATIAL will improve vastly.

Best of 2010 mapping
Opendata from Ordnance Survey. (No April Fools there)

Ovi Maps downloads maps via wifi to phone (no more Ovi Suite!)

Bing Maps Apps more usable adding OpenStreetMap.

MapQuest pump $1million in Open Source Data.

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