12 April 2010

The Beauty of Maps - BBC Series

The Beauty of Maps - BBC Series
"Seeing The Art In Cartography"
An amazing array of interesting cartographic maps spanning centuries of maps that changed the perception of the world we see today.

Psalter 1260 Map


Desceilers World Map 1550


Digital World Internet Data Movement Map


Clips can be previewed (UK only? iplayer restricts uk only - advise foxyproxy & a uk proxy)

*Can be seen on BBC Four in the coming weeks or on the BBC iPlayer

1/4. The story of the Hereford Mappa Mundi, the largest intact Medieval wall map in the world.
Next Monday 19th April, 20:30 BST on BBC Four
Medieval Maps - Mapping the Medieval Mind


Beauty of Maps main page

Also see 'Animated History of European Mapmaking'

Look out for "Windows on the World" [starts Sunday 18 April 2010 21:00 BST BBC4 & HD]
"In a series about the extraordinary stories behind maps, Professor Jerry Brotton uncovers how maps aren't simply about getting from A to B but are revealing snapshots of defining moments in history and tools of political power and persuasion."

(thanks for the reminder from @steev8)

source: @mapperz

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