17 March 2010

Worldwide Telescope (WWT) now in Bing Maps

Worldwide Telescope (WWT) now in Bing Maps [Preview mode]

The Sky at night (and day) in Bing Maps Explore

With the new Bing Maps Worldwide Telescope (WWT) App you can explore the constellations and other known space objects just like you would navigate through a regular Bing Maps.Worldwide Telescope Preview in Bing Maps
To access this use the "Map Apps" and choose Worldwide Telescope

Drag Telescope Icon Preview in Bing Maps
Drag the Telescope image to a location on the map you want to view (this sets the view up as "looking up" from that point from the Earth)

Worldwide Planets and charts
Exploring Planets is made easy from the data catalogue on the left hand side in the legend panel and click the very small "fly to" links. Zooming is very fast but not quite light speed.

View the Sky in Bing Maps
Select >Maps Apps >Worldwide Telescope

For much more details and vast about of pulling tons of collections from the Worldwide Telescope Community including Constellations, Solar System, All-Sky Surveys, Spitzer Studies, Chandra Studies, Hubble Studies, Astrophotography, Radio Studies, NOAO Studies, Gemini Studies, Messier Catalog, Planets/Moons, Earth (Bing!), Panoramas, and Tours.
Then go to:

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