31 March 2010

OS OpenData™ Consultation Government Response

OS OpenData™ Consultation Government Response

Ordnance Survey launches free downloadable maps
Move marks radical departure from previous OS financial model under which every piece of map data had to be paid for

What's Free?

*still needs to be defined.
Ordnance Survey Government Response
Release of data for free
In response to this support, government will release a range of Ordnance Survey data:
on 1 April 2010, known as OS OpenData™.
The datasets to be released are those set out in the original consultation document as the Free package, with the following changes:

replacement of 1:25 000 and 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster products with OS VectorMap District

• addition of OS Locator™ and Land-Form PANORAMA to the product list

• replacement of Code-Point by Code-Point Open, which provides accurate locations for 1.7 million postcodes in England, Scotland and Wales.

Straight to the PDF

Live links tomorrow!
Happy Mapping... and downloading from

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