24 March 2010

Geofuse - Discover GeoEye Images by Map

Geofuse - Discover GeoEye Images by Map

"GeoFUSE Online Maps differs slightly from Google Maps™ as the primary purpose of GeoFUSE Online Maps is to allow both novice and expert users alike to quickly locate and identify available GeoEye archive imagery around the globe. "

Geofuse - GeoEye Images by Map
When suitably zoomed in the toolbar becomes active to generate a polygon or find GeoEye images by extent.

Footprints and Previewing GeoEye Images
Image Catalog search results footprints are displayed on top of the map along with any selected image previews. Footprint and image previews can be turned on and off using the icons in the Image Catalog search results table to the left of the map.

More map help http://geofuse.geoeye.com/help/online-maps.aspx#gettingstarted

Geofuse - GeoEye Images by Map - New Zealand
New Zealand Example

Only real suggestion is the long permalink can they be strunk? Urls with polygons are very long hence this post using tinyurl.

GeoFuse Map

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