19 November 2009

PublicEarth 'Wiki for Places'

PublicEarth 'Wiki for Places'

PublicEarth is a'wikipedia for places' that can be extended by users. Using Google Maps to display 'crowdsourced' Points of Interest [POI] locations.
Guests can view the data in a read-only format whereas registered users rate places,create collections and can personalise their suggestions.

Public Earth Points of Interest Southampton
Clean, Fast Public Earth Points of Interests [POI] Layers.


PublicEarth has currently 4 million + POI's and rising, all grouped into a number of categories. PublicEarth has over 450 categories, these include the usual categories such as restaurants and entertainment but also more unusual topics.

Full List of Catergories
Arts, Culture & Entertainment
Recreation & the Outdoors
Community Essentials
Places to Stay
Food & Drink.

Some different catergories to the norm.
Fossil Sites, Kiteboarding Locations, Public Rooftops, Shipwrecks, Sundials, Street Art

The site allows the user to plan a trip or a day out and then send the saved locations to a GPS device, a mobile phone or e-mail them to friends. PublicEarth also lets you display your saved places on your own website or blog by creating and embedding a widget.

The site even comes with an API that allows developers to access PublicEarth's huge database of recommendations.

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At Thursday, November 19, 2009 1:30:00 pm, Anonymous Svend said...

great idea but not enough subjet for the europe area maybe we can export that on a site like http://www.streetview.ch/


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