14 November 2009

Advantage West Midlands Using OpenStreetMap

Advantage West Midlands Using OpenStreetMap

One of the first commercial enterprises to fully take on 'crowdsourced' maps
A huge boost to OpenStreetMap

Open Street Map West Midlands ICT - AWMist

Advantage West Midlands is the regional development agency (RDA) for the West Midlands. We are one of nine RDAs in England established to transform the English regions through sustainable economic development.

AWMist (A Web Map-based Information Search Tool)
AWMist has data about ICT and electronics businesses, about public sector supporting projects and services, about universities and their research groups, and about private sector professional services and training organisations from the West Midlands.

The purpose of AWMist is to encourage and foster collaboration between businesses, universities, local, regional, national and transnational agencies and organisations by greatly increasing the speed and ease by which organisations can easily identify potential partners and business opportunities.

West Midlands chose a solution based on OSM for its more open commercial terms and lack of technical restrictions when compared to rival map providers. The fact that the data for the West Midlands was collected and maintained locally was also a factor in the decision.

"One more example Open Source, GIS and Open Street Map in particular making a difference in this highly competitive world."


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