16 October 2009

The Running Map

The Running Map

A useful map for the likes of runners, joggers, cyclists, hikers, horse riders & walkers.
A clean fast way to prepare for your running routes

Running Map Route in Miles
Nice clean interface, self explanatory - simple to use map.
Even a show elevation option displays at the bottom of the map.

Based in Flash (Flex) and using the Yahoo Flex API

The speed of the map load is much improved and the tools and functions (ie switching from miles to kilometres) is extremely fast.
The very helpful 'save route' is a permalink like:
(the map above) WITHOUT requiring to have a user account.
Though having a registered user account does give you more control on multiple routes.
Tip: is if you have previous permalinked route(s) and then sign up - you can apply those routes to your newregistered account.

"RunningMap.com is a website for runners, cyclists, hikers or outdoor enthusiasts who want to plan, save and share their routes. Since 2003 Runningmap.com has been helping runners determine the distance of their routes in a way that was not previously possible."

more helpful information and guide is available at

Running Map - Trackometer on iPhone
If your interested in this and also have an iPhone then you will be wanting to try out

or the direct link on itunes.

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