27 October 2009

The Met Office Weather Maps - October 2009 update

The Met Office Weather Maps - October 2009 update

The biggest difference is speed, layers of weather data have improved and load even faster.

Faster Met Office Radar Rainfall Map

The rainfall layer shows you a radar image of rain across the country. The different colours show different intensities of rain, from dark blue (least severe rain) to white (most severe).

Faster radar and coverage expanded users will find the 'Tools' easier to control opacity (even in timeline mode).

Timeline: (animated weather in time lapse)

The timeline has been improved due to the layers speed, one of the most important parts of the weather map. By clicking on timeline, you can see recent observations or forecast weather.

The weather that is being displayed on the map has its date and time shown on the timeline, and its segment is highlighted in green.

Note that segments on the left-hand side (weather already happened) have a grey bottom. Segments on the right (which show show weather forecasts) have a green bottom.

As your mouse moves over each segment, you will see the date and time of the information, shown in light blue. Click the segment to display the weather you're hovering over.

With some options, there is a play button shown next to the timeline. Clicking it will step through the information one segment at a time. This can be very useful to see how rainfall or cloud is moving across your area. Click the pause button to stop the animation.

Layers that can't be animated show a play button with a red line through it.

The locations box now allows you to store up to 8 places, for quick navigation to those points on the map.

Faster Met Office Pressure Map
The pressure layer now shows text and lines called isobars. Each isobar connects points that have the same atmospheric pressure.

Faster Met Office Temperature Map
Require imperial measurements?, then they are available in preferences.
Welsh is in the pipeline but not available currently.

Faster Met Office National Parks Maps Weather Warnings
National Parks (Leisure areas) have now got there own unique weather warnings, specifically to highlight Blizzards, Heavy snow, Storm force winds,Gales, Severe chill effect, Persistent extensive hill fog, Thunderstorms and Heavy persistent rain.

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