28 October 2009

Google Navigation Beta for Andriod

Google Navigation Beta for Andriod
(turn-by-turn GPS navigation with voice guidance for the Google Android Platform)

News update: 29/10/2009
"Shares in sat-nav device companies have fallen substantially after Google unveiled its free live sat-nav for mobiles on Wednesday.

US firm Garmin fell 18% after details of Google Maps Navigation were revealed. Dutch firm TomTom fell 9.5% when markets closed on Thursday."


Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. It is part of Google Maps for mobile and is available for phones with Android 2.0.

Google Navigation - search along a route
Searching for Points of Interest along your route. (users choose poi topics)

Google Maps Navigation uses your phone's internet connection to give you the latest maps and business data. But that's not all that's different about Google's approach to GPS navigation. Watch the below video to learn more.

1. Search in plain English
2. Search by Voice
3. Traffic View (see busy routes either green,yellow,red segments)
4. Search along a Route (Points of Interest of users choice along the active route)
5. Satellite View (includes direction visualisations)
6. Street View (includes direction visualisations)
7. Car Dock Mode - Landscape. (voice processing active, backlight enabled)



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