14 September 2009

MapQuest Static Maps with POI's (advanced features)

MapQuest Static Maps with POI's (advanced features)

Interesting update from Mapquest API's

De-cluttering Points of Interest [POI] with the static maps api
MapQuest Static API with POI - advanced features - de-clutter
Creating Static Maps with your own POI- this example show how to use the de-clutter option (when points of interest are too close to each other and maintaining a pre-defined zoom level)

This static map is create with the url request


live link tinyurl'ed - http://tinyurl.com/declutter-poi

pois=1,51.044900,-1.3413450, centred locations by latitude/longitude
51,51 (with +/-) is the de-clutter default
(more info on this see http://platform.beta.mapquest.com/staticmap/index.html#advancedoptions

*copying and pasting the long url will work - though for geocoding and other controlled functions require an api key.
API keys are free - they can be created by signing up to Mapquest API via

Mapquest Static Maps API


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