27 July 2009

Peak District Map (MonkeySpoon.com)

Peak District Map (MonkeySpoon.com)

"Monkeyspoon.com guide to mountain biking tracks & trails in Peaks District"

Version 2 (using Ordnance Survey OpenSpace API) is now available and looking very good.

Peak District Map (MonkeySpoon.com)

New Features include:
  • Larger map view – The map will stretch as big as your screen goes. (Press F11 to have your browser view it full screen.)
  • Routes– Not many so far, but new ones aren’t to hard to add.
  • ‘Services’ locations – Places that useful to MTBer visiting the area.
  • Track Menu – Click to go straight to a Track.
  • Other view links – As well a link to 1:25K OS map there is now a Google Map Satellite link.
  • **Location URL shortcuts – You can link directly to a Track, Route or Grid Reference.

**How to use URL Shortcuts
"The easiest is a for a grid reference, just add “?g-” then the grid reference on the end of the URL. e.g. To go to Win Hill add “?g-SK187851” (without the quotes).
For tracks add “?t-” and the track name in lower case with dashes instead of spaces."

Direct link to the New Map
Original Map
Tracks Page

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