31 July 2009

Google Maps Flash API - 3D Perspective

Google Maps Flash API - 3D Perspective

"2-D maps are great, but sometimes it's cool to gaze into the distance. Today we're happy to announce support for perspective"

Google 3D Perspective Directions Panoramio - Flash Maps
Official Example:Driving Directions with Panoramio along a route in 3D Perspective

You can manipulate the 3D map using the same keyboard controls as you use on Google Earth and within the Maps API. Clicking and dragging moves the map in the direction being dragged, as you would expect. When dragging the map while holding down an optional modifier key, however, you can alter the attitude of the map:

  • SHIFT alters the rotation and attitude of the map around a clicked point.
  • CTRL (or the Apple key) alters the rotation and attitude of the map from the point of view of the camera.

Flash Map Google UK Weather
Ian Watkins has created this 3D perspective UK Weather Map

Keir Clarke (Google Maps Mania fame) points out to @mapperz the nice youtube video that demonstrates the flashiness of the UK Weather Map

The key and simple code to make the changes are:


and replace the old position and zoom controls with the
new navigation control:

Full details and documentation

Want even more Flash Demos

Official Blog Post and Source:

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