26 June 2009

Society of Cartographers Summer School

Society of Cartographers Summer School

[updated 27/06/2009]

"UK's best meeting place for all those interested in any aspect of mapping"

The University of Southampton is the venue for the 45th Annual Summer School

The session themes for this year's conference are:
  • Emergency mapping
  • 2D or 3D mapping?
  • Crowdsourcing data
  • Ordnance Survey and its data
  • Transport mapping
  • Alternative data for users
  • Collecting and using crowdsourced data


Monday 7th September 2009

Lecture 1 13.45 Emergency mapping - an overview (Keir Clarke, Google Maps Mania)

Lecture 2 14.15 Maps in Action Chris Phillips, MapAction

Lecture 3 14.45 Mapping hazard sites Helen Balmforth, Health and Safety Lab

Lecture 4 15.45 Content - map or virtual globe? Rich Treves, University of Southampton

Lecture 5 16.15 Maps in Action Tim Fendley, Legible London

Lecture 6 16.45 Mapping for Thingfinding Jonathan Rez, FWDesign

Tuesday 8th September 2009

Lecture 7 9.00 Neodata - from Crowdsourcing to Cloudsourcing and where it will take us
Chris Osborne, Cloudsourced.com

Lecture 8 9.30 Crowdsourcing geodata Frederik Ramm, Geofabrik

Lecture 9 10.00 Collaborative mapping; flirting with the music industry Edward Mac Gillavry, Webmapper

Wednesday 9th September 2009

Session 6: Alternative data for users
Lecture 15 11.00 Does the UK need a second large scale mapping database?
Alun Jones, The Geoinformation Group

Lecture 10 11.00 KEYNOTE:
Ordnance Survey: underpinning the nation's decision-making
Vanessa Lawrence, Director General and CEO, Ordnance Survey

Lecture 11 11.30 OpenSpace and Geovation Tim Martin, Ordnance Survey

Lecture 12 12.00 Heterogeneous map mashing
Bill Chadwick, Freelance mapper [Where's the path]

Lecture 16 11.30 OpenStreetMap data in local authorities Matt Lindsay, Surrey Heath District Council

Lecture 17 12.00 Delegates corner 5 minutes to talk about a project or discuss an issue of interest to you ...

Session 7: Collecting and using crowdsourced data
Lecture 18 13.30 New developments in mapping Andy Allan, Cloudmade
Lecture 19 14.00 Mapping Antigua Steve Chilton, Middlesex University Abstract ...
Lecture 20 14.30 OSM data [NOT CONFIRMED]

The draft programme:

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