14 May 2009

OffMaps - OpenStreetMap - iPhone

OffMaps - OpenStreetMap - iPhone

Offmaps OpenStreetMap on the iPhone

OffMaps allows you to access maps and location bookmarks wherever you are, even offline and abroad. This stores maps directly on your device for any area and zoom level you request. This gives you true offline maps for any region and city.

Offmaps OpenStreetMap on the iPhoneOffmaps OSM iPhone downloader
Image Sources: http://offmap.net/screenshots-offline-maps-appstore.htm

OffMaps does not come with one limited set of maps preloaded: It lets you download as many maps as you like for any area at no additional cost.

OffMaps has two modes: online and offline mode.

Online mode you can pan and zoom normally through the world map. Map images that have not been cached will automatically be loaded and saved to the cache for later offline use.
You can also search for locations around the world, add bookmarks and preload whole areas in a zoom range of your liking. Of course you can view your own location too.

Offline mode you can only view maps of areas that you have previously seen or preloaded. You can view your current location and bookmarks, but can't use the search as this requires the large CloudMade database that is only available online. You can even add local bookmarks by tapping the map at any location.

OpenStreetMap Maps (Online Community Created Maps)
Maps with cache and download function
Online Search for places, cities and features
Bookmarks (offline and online) with internal search
Display of own current location with accuracy indicator
Map scale in kilometres or miles
Data roaming disabled (default), OffMaps will automatically go to offline mode when abroad.

For an Online Video of the map application see http://offmap.net/video-offline-maps-iphone.htm

Map source to see the level of detail:


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At Tuesday, August 04, 2009 10:30:00 am, Anonymous Nikhil said...

I think the new iPhone 3G features are amazing .. and also the features of the iPhone 3.0 OS..

At Wednesday, January 19, 2011 1:09:00 pm, Anonymous Ecommerce developer said...

Now verizon's are coming up with i-phone 4 which is more advanced than i-phone 3,..They are combining with apple to launch this new version of series,..


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