13 May 2009

Navteq Maps (Beta)

Navteq Maps (Beta)

This is new. Navteq are know for their data but not for their mapping.
New Navteq Maps Beta 2009
New from Navteq, Maps not just data.

"Navteq today launched a beta showcase of its latest road navigation technology, as a clear rival to the Google Maps website"

  • Roads Map
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Hybrid Map
  • Routing with directions across the world (77 countries).
  • Live traffic [USA Only] (colour of average speeds coded)
  • 3D fly-through

Navteq Maps Beta Sign as real
Simple route London to Reading - with the 'Sign as real' function.

"one-click digital route maps to upload to Garmin, Navman, Navigon and, naturally, Nokia devices. (Nokia bought Navteq in 2007)"

Navteq Maps Beta Real-time traffic usa only
Live Real-time traffic USA cities only.

First impressions:
is this Map24?
The more you use it the better it becomes, there is a lot of data behind the scenes.
Trying to be Google Earth in the web browser?

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