10 February 2009

Nokia Maps v3.0 updated (including ovi maps)

Nokia Maps v3.0 updated (including ovi maps)

Nokia Maps v3.0 Updated
Nokia Ovi Maps (web browser) now can save routes and sync with your nokia maps v3 - mobile/cell device (sign in required to save routes) - Map in nighttime mode with weather and route.
  • You can rotate the map and view 3D landmarks from all directions.
  • In 3D view mode, you can tilt the view by pressing 2 and 8 button
  • 2D/3D mode works with all map modes, now with Satellite and Terrain
  • My Places has option "Point me to" for any saved place/landmark saves the viewing angle as well.
  • Synchronisation of Favourites and Collections with Ovi Maps and vice versa (use in online mode, enable Internet connection), you can now plan routings on Ovi Maps and synchronise to your device
Compatibility and system requirements
Maps Updater and Map Loader 3.0 require Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.
Maps Updater requires Nokia PC Suite to be installed on your computer.

Maps 3.0 Beta works with Nokia devices based on:
S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 (E71, E66, 6110 Navigator, N95, N95 8GB, N82)
S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 (N96, N85, N79, 6650, 6210 Navigator, 6220 Classic, N78)

Ovi MapsBeta works on IE6 (Windows XP), IE7, Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 (Windows XP or Vista).

Note: you cannot use the Nokia Maps 2 and Nokia Maps 3 on the same device. If you have a license for sat-nav (directions/traffic updates etc) you might lose your full licence.
Backup your device before trying beta software.

"Your travel guide licences are not valid in the beta version of Maps 3.0. However, the guide licences will be valid again in the final version of Maps 3.0."

Future implementations (commercial release)
  • Safety spot warner's in selected countries
  • Extended country coverage for Traffic info service
  • Weather information
  • Premium POI content for travel, selected events and cinema

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