15 November 2008

Yellow Pages - Canada (Beta)

Yellow Pages - Canada (Beta) - using the Virtual Earth Platform

Yellow Pages Canada Maps French (Beta)
Both English and French Languages are supported.

Yellow Pages Canada Maps English (Beta)
Cluster Mapping works very well, clicking on them zooms to the area and icons are shown individually.

The hidden plus is the accessibility of the Text can be increased for users .
  • Use the instructions below to change the font size on Maps.ca: Use the Text Size Increase buttons at the top right-hand side of the page
  • Or You can adjust the text size in your browser. Please consult your specific browser’s help file for specific instructions on adjusting text size.

"Maps.ca Launches Beta Version of Yellow Pages Portal Featuring Microsoft Virtual Earth
Maps.ca has beta launched a new version of its Yellow Pages portal, utilizing Virtual Earth maps and imagery to help customers locate and save business and travel information. The “find on a map” feature uses Virtual Earth AJAX Control’s geocoding capabilities, and provides relevant results for address or place-of-interest queries. By searching through the new site, customers can quickly locate business information, and are provided with driving directions and updates, including Virtual Earth traffic data. In addition, visitors are able to customize maps, selecting and saving locations most pertinent to them for access later."

French Canadian Version http://www.mappes.ca
English Canadian Version http://www.maps.ca

*Note Live Traffic is only available for Toronto currently.


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At Tuesday, June 22, 2010 10:05:00 am, Anonymous Jack said...

Live traffic section is working now. Very kool site


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