12 November 2008

UMapper Maps Adds Spatial Searches

UMapper Maps Adds Spatial Searches

UMapper Spatial Search
Spatial Searching from a specific location, uing Yahoo Local Search for Businesses.

From the UMapper blog:

"Ever wanted to search for a local business or map all the pizza places in your town? Now that UMapper is integrated with Yahoo’s Local Search, you can do all of those things. To illustrate this new functionality, we have created a map of all Starbucks coffee shops within 3 mile radius of our office.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with this new functionality:

* Search for business within a certain geographic region
* Create maps with up-to-date local info
* Read business reviews
* Create interactive maps (like the one above) in less than 2 minutes

Just want flash icons that are really, really flashy?

It is now possible to add SWF's as custom markers for your map.
UMapper has an example here http://www.umapper.com/maps/view/id/13608/

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