03 November 2008

SatSki [Free Maps Coming Soon]

SatSki [Free Maps Coming Soon]

SatSki is making it's maps available for free for smartphones

"Satski is a touch screen colour GPS system which uses ‘real time’ while on the piste to plot user’s routes and guide skiers and boarders of all different levels around the resort, providing an easy to use, interactive piste map."

SatSki on SmartPhoneSatSki Google Earth Demo
[images sources: SatSki]

"As of 6th November Satski will provide FREE ski map downloads for smart phones. The Satski free downloads offers basic features such as piste/trial map and resort specific information"

Emergency Feature:
This feature provides crucial information for those in need of help and assistance from rescue services at the press of a tab the Satski software will allow the user in an
emergency situation to send their exact location coordinates to Mountain rescue/ Piste security (Longitude and Latitude) as well as their mobile phone number.
[if have a mobile/cell network]


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At Thursday, November 06, 2008 7:23:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great tool! away with paper maps


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