14 November 2008

My Geo Position

My Geo Position

A quick and simple site to find any position around the world.

My Geo Position

MyGeoPosition.com offers:

* Geocoding of worldwide addresses
* Finetuning of the position using a drap & drop marker
* Geoposition as float or in degrees
* Setting an inaccuracy (~1m, ~10m, ~100m, ...) for data protection reasons
* Automated creation of geo-metatags for websites and weblogs
* Automated creation of geotags for websites, weblogs and images
* Automated creation of kml files (Google Earth)
* iGoogle gadget for quick geocoding from your personal landing page
* Slim design, quick loading process
* NEW: Enter a geocoded website url and its location will be displayed on the map

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At Wednesday, November 19, 2008 1:25:00 pm, Blogger Tine Müller said...

Great site but I can't see that is use any different coordinates that you get from http://maps.google.com/ when used in Denmark and they are far away from the correct address. In Denmark we have to use http://www.findvej.dk/ to find the correct coordinates. But it's a shame that http://maps.google.com/ can't show the same coordinates.:-(

What technic do TeleAtlas use to find the coordinates?



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